AFRICAN CONNECTION トリニダードトバゴとコンゴ出身の音楽家


公演日 : 5月4日(土)
時間: Doors open: 18:30 Show starts: 19:30 until ~
金額: In advance 2500円 At the door: 3000円
場所 : Blues Ette (白楽)東横線 白楽駅西口 コミュニティプラザビル2F
〒221-0065 横浜市神奈川区白楽100-5 Map
電話 +81-45-717-7139

Tony Guppy: Steel Pan
Ngongo Tabu: Percussion Sax & Vocals
J.P. Sensey: Guitar & Vocals



Take a ride out to beautiful Yokohama and come enjoy a soulful fusion of Africa and the Caribbean!

Japan-based Trinidadian steel pannist Tony Guppy is performing live at Blues Ette club in Hakuraku, Yokohama on Saturday, May 4th. On percussion, saxophone and vocals is Ngongo Tabu and on guitar and vocals is J.P. Sensey. Both artists hail from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and are also based in Japan.


SHOW: 7:30 PM until ~

ADMISSION: 2,500 JPY in advance & 3,000 JPY at the door

Blues Ette Map 

Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ku, Hakuraku 100-5, コミュニティプラザビル2F 〒221-0065

Telephone: +81-45-717-7139 (In Japanese)


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