Caesar’s Army Presents A.M.BUSH JOUVERT Pix

@TokyoTrinbago was the official booking agent for DJ HEMO (@selectorHEMO) and DHQ Japan Chiaki (@CHIAKI_REDKAT) at Caesar’s Army A.M.Bush Jouvert on March 4th, 2011 in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. DEI MUSICALE: THE MUSICAL GODS and guest DJ HEMO provided the right Soca mix for the event. Thank you Julius S. and Tony B. for all your help and we’ll be back next year!!! 

From Twitter: selectorHEMO

@TokyoTrinbago booked me at Caesar’s Army Jouvert. Thanks support!!!

@TokyoTrinbago I enjoyed at Caesars Army jouvert Thank you !!


DJ Hemo from Japan (right)

Arisa from the Torochacha (@arisa_toro) dance troupe

Arisa of Torochacha getting her drink on! (right)

Dancehall Queen Chiaki and a friend from Japan

DanceHall Queen Chiaki from Japan

Reppin’ Trinidad & Tobago!

Photographs courtesy of Caesar’s Ar My