You must buy a costume if you want to participate in Carnival. In other words, you cannot buy a Carnival costume to be delivered to you in another for other purposes. Once you have purchased your Carnival costume and participated in Carnival, you can bring it back to your home country. You can use your costume as a beautiful home decoration and souvenir.

How to buy a Carnival costume?

1. Choose your Carnival Band
2. Choose your Carnival Band Section (costume style)
3. Choose your Section options (Frontline, Backline, size, bikini, whole piece bathing suit, male/female, etc.)

What is a Carnival Band?

A Carnival Band is a group of masqueraders who participate/compete together in the final two days of Carnival. Bands dance and parade together in the streets and on the competition stages from the early morning to the late evening. Bands include all-you-can-drink, meals and snacks with your costume.
What is a Section?

A Section is a part of the Carnival Band which reflects the band leader’s theme. Each section has its own colours and design. Bands may have 1 to 12 sections to choose from.

Each Section is divided into smaller parts; The Frontline are the divas of the Carnival Band. Frontline costumes are elaborately designed. A personal assistant is assigned to each Frontline participant to carry their heavier costume parts during the day.

The Backline are the heart and soul of the Carnival Band. Most participants purchase Backline costumes for their value; lunch, snacks, all-you-can-drink alcohol, soft drinks and water, music trucks and a goodie bag. The Backline costumes are lighter than the Frontline and are easier to dance in the hot sun all day.

Individual costumes are the most expensive costumes that a Carnival Band makes. Each Section has an Individual costume. One person can pay for a specially-designed costume that reflects the colours and style of their Section.

The King and Queen costumes are independently designed to complement the Carnival Band’s theme. These extremely large costumes (over 2 metres tall) are judged on the Savannah Stage at the Dimanche Gras event annually during Carnival.

The Frontline, Individual, King and Queen are considered VIPs and they get air-conditioned vans to rest in and other special treats including everything that the Backline gets.

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