[VIDEO] Kes The Band – Endless Summer

Watch Kes The Band’s official music video ‘Endless Summer’



[Video] – Differentology by Bunji Garlin

Differentology is not just a song, it’s a movement. It’s the soul of Trinidad and Tobago’s Jouvert.

According to Bunji Garlin, the master artiste behind this year’s hit, “This is just a music video – it’s not a movie, but it’s not the typical music video where there’s just a lot of dancing. There’s a story line. This video depicts man coming to life from nothingness to the formation of past, present and what will come in the future. It’s not a hard story from beginning to end- there’s still some freeness to it. I hope you enjoy.”

Watch it here:

Listen to it here:

ROOTI Dolls アフリカ人形


Most dolls on the market are made with one black skin tone which does not properly represent the range of Africans’ colours, according to ROOTI Dolls founders Chris and Ada Ngoforo. They wanted to find a solution to the growing issue of African children around the Diaspora and on the continent not being aware of their mother tongue. ROOTI Dolls expose children to their mother tongue and culture at an early stage and help promote a “positive self-image”, says Mr. Ngoforo.

There are 12 African ROOTI Dolls from different African countries. The Keza Girl ROOTI Doll represents Zambia and Zimbabwe and speaks 4 major languages (Shona, Ndebele, Bemba and Nyanja) from those countries. There is also a range of Caribbean ROOTI Dolls that will speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.




Images courtesy of ROOTI Dolls

Ronnie & Caro Mas Band Carnival Tuesday 2013

(English follows Japanese)

バンド名: ロニー&カロ [Ronnie & Caro]

セクション出現: カレーカスカドゥラ [Curry Cascadura], 東インド人 [East Indians], 咲いた [Bloom], 塩 [Salt], グレイトハウス [Ladies & Gentlemen of the Great House], パラキート [Parakeet], コンゴウインコ [Macaw], アフリカン [Africans] and プランテーション [Plantation]



場所:クイーンズパークサバンナ [Queen’s Park Savannah]、トリニダード

Band: Ronnie & Caro The Mas Band

Sections (in order of appearance): Curry Cascadura, East Indians, Bloom, Salt, Ladies & Gentlemen of the Great House, Parakeet, Macaw, Africans and Plantation.

Mystery Of The Cascadura theme explained

Date: Carnival Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Place: Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

Ricardo Drue – Get To Know You + Suga


Machel Montano – The Fog

The King of Soca, Machel Montano, has just released the video to The Fog, one his most popular Soca songs for the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2013 season. The fog is the powder and mud that is flung on revelers during the wild J’ouvert fetes.

What is J’ouvert? READ HERE

マシェル・モンターノがソカ音楽王です。新曲ビデオ[The Fog]を見てください。


Romie – The Legend Party

The world is small indeed! The sweet sounds of Soca have finally reached the shores of Nihon aka The Land of the Rising Sun. Singer, Romie (ro-mee-eh), is one of Japan’s top groovy artists trying to make it a household genre on the island nation. Reggae from Jamaica has had a heavy influence on Japanese youth culture but so far Trinidad & Tobago Soca has yet to make its mark.

Carifrique.com and Ronnie & Caro Mas Band have invited Romie and DJ Hemo to perform for their masqueraders and shoot their next video on Carnival Tuesday (February 12, 2013). Join us on the road in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad!

Feeling her vibes? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.




2006年に「DAY BY DAY / Romie feat.Domino Kat」のコンビ曲をBACCHANAL45 RECORDS から初リリース。

その後もReggaeのみでなく、Soca、Island Popなど他のジャンルも積極的に取り入れ独自のスタイルで活動中。ハイトーンボイスと、キャッチーなメロディーを生み出すセンスは抜群。

155936_4188804035240_768725642_n (640x424) 67839_4188801795184_485166686_n (640x424) 18210_4188802035190_1696527439_n (640x424) 14624_4188796915062_1893179233_n (424x640) Romie