Christian Boucaud Designs x Torochacha Carnival Flavour – Trinidad&Tobago Meets Japan

Soca is Trinidad & Tobago’s high-energy, pulsating music dedicated to the art of bacchanal and feteing (wilding out and partying). What happens when 5 women from Japan decide to visit Trinidad & Tobago’s world famous Carnival? You get Torochacha – Tokyo’s most famous Soca dance troupe – comprised of Kei, Mari, Ackee, Arisa and newest member, Angie. These ladies love T&T Carnival so much that some of them have been returning year-after-year since 2006.

I met Torochacha in 2009 when I had started blogging about T&T Carnival culture on my old TokyoTrinbago blog. In typical Japanese business style, our friendship started slowly and has since blossomed. While on vacation in T&T in February 2012, I introduced Torochacha to talented T&T designer, Christian Boucaud because I believed that her designs would suit the dancers’ style. It was also a great way to further promote Caribbean culture to enthusiastic Japanese audiences.

Christian Boucaud is one of Trinidad & Tobago’s most sought-after young designers. Her jumpers are perfect for the heat and excitement of T&T Carnival. Her belief that shorter is better gives those of us who aren’t timid the perfect chance to show off our gams. She also designs dresses, blouses and skirts with fabrics from West Africa and the Caribbean.

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