[Coming Soon] ISIS Magazine For Natural Curly Hair

Yay! ISIS Mag is finally going to be available to our loyal guests in the Land of the Rising Sun shortly in the Carifrique Shop.

ISIS Mag can be described as an informative guide that focuses on all Afro textured hair types and healthy living. It brings something new to the world of print and is therefore directed to the majority who are new to the Natural hair world or possess Afro and Curly hair. We also provide information on alternative and healthy living by providing information, tips and ideas on how to make your diet healthier. The magazine is a seasonal publication which is available as a digital and printed format via our website and distribution outlets.

There are 5 sections in ISIS Mag:
• Beauty (which encompasses hair and skin)
• Diet (Herbs, herbal teas, products and alternative health)
• Our Men (An area for men where we hear their opinions)
• Talent and business (Provides a platform for local businesses)
• Chat (An area for the community to voice their views)

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