FANTASTIC EVENTS TO SEE AT Trinidad Carnival Tour 2011 – March 1-11, 2011

Full Trinidad Carnival 2011 Tour Information is here.
Experience one of the world’s largest Carnivals. Want to participate (play Mas)? Then you need to purchase a costume. In your costume you will be able to dance and drink with about 1000 other masqueraders in a safe environment. Carnival Monday is the day to wear Ronnie and Caro’s (Mas Band/group) special t-shirt and have fun in the streets of Port-of-Spain. Ronnie and Caro The Mas Band will parade in front of 3 judging panels throughout Carnival Tuesday. (There are over 50 Mas Bands in the parade!). You can still come on the tour and just be a spectator watching the parade from special seats. For more information on Mas Bands:  
If you want to also experience a very unique and fun Carnival event, join us for Jouvert. We will wake up early and head to the site around 3:00AM on Carnival Monday! Remember to wear clothing that is old because you will get covered in mud and chocolate sauce in the streets!! As a group (about 500 people) we will dance in the streets with DJs playing soca. When the sun starts to rise people will start throwing mud at each other and continue dancing and drinking!! After Jouvert finishes around 8:00AM it’s time to go back to the guesthouse, shower and go back out for Carnival Monday!!  

If you want to learn how to dance to soca music Petra can teach you in groups or privately. Please contact her for rates and schedule: and in the subject line write ‘Pre-Soca Dance Lessons’.

Some events included in this Tour package:

Watch the biggest Steel Pan Orchestra competition in the world – LIVE in concert.


Soca Monarch

Watch the best male and female international Soca singers compete for the coveted titles of Groovy Soca Monarch (slower soca rhythm) and Power Soca Monarch (faster soca beat). LIVE in concert.

Calypso Monarch 

Watch the best male and female international Calypso singers for compete for the honourable title of Calypso Monarch. Calypso songs tell stories and talk about society in beautful melodies. LIVE in concert. 


King and Queen of Carnival 
Watch the largest and most uniquely designed Carnival costumes being shown on stage. LIVE in concert.