Interview with Carnival Feeling Organizers カーニバルフェーリンッグのインタビュー

Michiru, DJ CatchAFire and bassist MaPsyche from Addictik
みちるさんとDJ CatchAFireとMaPsyche from Addictik

On calm, beautiful Saturday evening, with our bellies nice and full from drinking Rum Punch, making Stew Beef and Callaloo at my Cooking Fete, MaPsyche, DJ Catchafire, Michiru and I sat down at a cafe in Minami Aoyama discussing our love of Trinindad & Tobago and Soca music.
DJ Catchafire‘s interest in T&T started when he came across a Soca show on the New York City radio station, Hot97. He had been listening to reggae before that and was instantly attracted to the upbeat vibes of Soca. He is currently one of the top Soca DJs in Japan.
MaPsyche looks like the quite type but don’t let looks deceive you. He plays a mean bass guitar in the Soca band, Addictik and he is the epitome of Trini lovers – always wearing a different quirky Trini t-shirt and just lymin’. Having been there twice he became obsessed with the culture, people and one of the country’s greatest treats – Bake & Shark – a delicious snack cooked by the beach.
Last but definitely not least, Michiru is not your average Japanese woman. She has been living and working in Port-of-Spain for over 10 years and she took some time out of her busy schedule visiting relatives to come to my Cooking Fete. She struts with a bounce and speaks English with a soft Trini accent. Her goal in organizing Carnival Feeling was to get more Japanese women to feel comfortable expressing their femininity and of course to introduce Tokyoites to T&T Carnival culture. Keep up the great work!!