#LIV Concert & Cancer Fundraiser



Date: Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Venue: O2 Park, Chaguaramas, Trinidad

Admission: $150 TTD

Time: Gates open at 2:00 PM. Concert starts at 6:00 PM and continues until 9:00 PM

Tell Me, What Do You LIV For?

I LIV for Hope, to fulfill my dreams, to make amazing memories and to inspire others.

Due to the tumors on my liver which have taken over my life at the moment and won’t let me LIV to my full potential, my life is on HALT.
I have been ordered to remove two, of the three that are up to no good on my liver.

Please come out and support and help me LIV to make my dreams come true.

Let’s all LIV for a good cause! Join us at O2 Park! 

I thank all my friends in advance for your assistance at this time. You don’t know how much I appreciate it.
Love Cherise♥

Performances by:

Machel Montano

Trevlyn The Voice

Artiste Team DJs and many more!!

THIS will be the Fundraiser of a Lifetime!
THIS will be one to remember !

What do you LIV for?


Tickets from LIV Committee members:

-Cherise Couri- 487-9552
-Nelleen Worrell 741-8463
-Vychalle Singh- 371-5335
-Rejane De Verteil
-Christian De Gannes
-Carla Singh
-Aisha Gooding
-Marcus Williams
-Chea Lee Wing
-Blair Murray
-Trev Lezema
-Jade Campbell
-Arvinder Rampersad
-Shyne Boss
-Yves Ayoung-Chee
-Shawna Amerali
-Jade Campbell
-Ariane Maharaj
-Sabina Heetai

This Fundraiser event is also endorsed by:
Scorch LTD
Julius Caesar Entertainment Company