MAS In The City



Hosted by Isabel (イザベル) @1ipsocarib

Saturday, September 15th, 2018


MAS is dancing and partying in a costume in the streets with all y0ur friends!

In Tokyo you’ll play mas with us on a party BUS!

Trinidad and Tobago is the birthplace of the world’s largest Caribbean carnival and the music genre SOCA.

MAS IN THE CITY: Catch the amazing sights of Tokyo while feteing on a customized party bus – Japan’s one and only carnival bus fete!

Play MAS, wave yuh flag, fete and get on bad on the SOCA explosion bus! Experience the best of Trinidad and Tobago carnival in MAS IN CITY!

The final stop of the party bus will be at the secret location of Rum N Bass* which is the 3rd of 4 Japan Soca Weekend parties.

*An additional door fee is required for Rum N Bass

Join us for Tokyo’s most lit Carnival and Soca experience!


7500 JPY before July 30th (residents of Japan)

8000 JPY before September 10th (residents of Japan)

Tickets issued upon payment confirmation.

If you’re visiting Japan for SOCA Weekend please contact us here.

Advanced ticket purchase only. No tickets will be sold on the day of the event.

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