Spice Band Launch Carnival 2010 スパーイス バンド ラーンチ2010

(Photo courtesy of Au Courant Caribbean A Perspective)

One important part of Carnival is
playin’ mas. And who/how do you play mas with?? You should be part of a Band. A good Band will have professional costume designers, snacks and drinks for all the members during the Carnival festivities so it’s best to get with a reputable one. Oh, remember that you want to be looking good in that skimpy costume…so I suggest you start toning/doing yoga/pilates NOW! LOL!!
According to some Carnival experts, the Band launches are coming earlier and earlier. So if you have the chance to get to T&T to witness the shows, then take it!!
Spice Band is launching at CLUB ZEN in Port-of-Spain on Saturday, July 18th, 2009. The theme is
The Spice Route 2010.