Steel Pan or Steel Drum?

Steel Pan or Steel Drum? Steel Pan history provided by Japan-based Trinidadian pannist Tony Guppy

(English follows Japanese)



このウェブサイト内で『スティールドラム』という言葉が使われている事に気がついている人がいるかもしれません。また、それが丸括弧の中に(スティールドラム)として書かれていることもご存知かもしれません。多くの人は、『スティールパン』という単語に馴染みがないか、またはこの楽器の正しい名前が何なのかさっぱり見当がつかない状態でしょう。 正しい名前をみなさんに教えるためにも、この楽器についての文章ではスティールパンと(スティールドラム)の両方を使う必要があると考えました。みなさんはすぐに理解するでしょうから、将来的にはこういったことは必要なくなるはずです。そういうわけで、次回この楽器を見たり聴いたりしたときは、その本当の名前が『スティールパン』だという事を思い出して下さい。

Steelpan or Steeldrum??

Many people are still confused or wondering “What is really the name of this instrument!?”I think it’s time that this matter is cleared up. Everyone should know that the respectful name of the instrument is Steelpan or Pan ( as it called locally in its birthland) and not Steeldrum. (Steel-Pan is the name given by the inventors of this instrument. Steelpan was even once called “ping pong” in the very early stages of its birth). Everything that we use in this world today are made from some kind of material or other. whether it’s the clothes you wear, CD, a car, or instruments you play. We use steel drums to manufacture and produce the instrument call “steelpan”. Because of the manufacturing process and changes it goes through, this beautiful hand-crafted instrument can no longer be considered to be a (normal) steel drum…It has now become a highly finished and refined musical instrument.

Let’s look at the guitar. The main material use to make a guitar is wood but we don’t call it a “wood” after it’s all finished – it’s now an instrument. So we call it a guitar because that’s what it has become. Some of you may have notice the word “steeldrum” written on this site. You would have also
notice that it’s in parenthesis ie: (steeldrum). Many people are not familiar with the word “steelpan” or haven’t the slightest idea about the respectful (correct) name of the instrument. So in order to educate people I have found it necessary to use both steelpan and (steeldrum)
when writing about the instrument. I am sure this would not be necessary in the future as people are catching on pretty quickly.

So the next time you see or hear the instrument, remember its true name, steel pan.

Two Trinidadians who have been teaching and performing steel pan in Japan for many years are Tony Guppy and Michael ‘Manish’ Robinson.