Nadia Dafri – Designer

A Nadia Dafri neck piece is a thing to treasure; with its sensual mix of African Ankara fabrics and vintage glass beads delicately handmade to create objects with their own soul.

Nadia Dafri was born and raised in France to an Italian mother and an Algerian father. She had always loved fashion and during her teens she worked as a seamstress. Later she decided to pursue her childhood dreams of becoming a teacher. When teaching couldn’t bring her satisfaction she focused on design.

Nadia Dafri pieces personify the multi-ethnic world around us and are made for the woman who loves colour and well-crafted, sculpted jewelry.


Images courtesy Nadia Dafri

Akilah’s Jewelry – Made In Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago is known for its Carnival, Steel Pan and delish food. The island nation is also home to some of the Caribbean’s most lush forests. It is in these tropical jungles where designers Akilah and Kemba Jaramogi find inspiration for their small, family-run business, Akilah’s Jewelry.

All pieces in their collection are original and hand made with organically-grown seeds from Trinidadian forests. Donkey Eye, Lucky Seed, Bamboo, Soap Seed, Mogumbo-Velvet Seed, Juju Seed, Flamboyant Seed, Jumbie Bead, Stinking Toe Seed, Palm Seed, Wild Serrette and Monkey Basket Pod are just a few of the colourful names of the seeds Akilah’s Jewelry incorporate into their wearable art.

Akilah’s Jewelry can be found at Carnival Village in the Queen’s Park Savannah from late January to mid-February 2013. Prices range from $50 – $700 TTD.314649_395609290521523_2084013047_n 399624_355689147846871_1890793254_n 426946_404816799600772_1411527837_n 375303_396642183751567_1173880170_n