Caribbean Cooking In Rendez-Vous En Asie

Carifrique was recently interviewed by Rendez-vous En Asie magazine’s editor, Alexis Ndongo. Flip to page 36 in the newest December 2013 issue to read more about Carifrique‘s Trinidad and Tobago Cooking Classes in Japan and elsewhere around the world.

Click here to read the Carifrique interview on page 36 of Rendez-Vous En Asie


トリニダード・トバゴ料理レッスンについて、Rendez-Vous En Asieの雑誌を読んでください。こちらをクリックしてください。


African Connection – Trinidad & Congo





Open 19:00 Start 20:00
♪ MC : ¥3,000
Tony Guppy : Steelpan
Ngongo Tabu : Sax & Vo
J.P Sensy : Guitar & Vo
Kaputu Charles : Perc
TEL : 046-293-4140
Venue: HIDEAWAY American Restaurant & Live Bar
神奈川県 大和市 南林間 1-18-9 大矢ビル B1F
小田急江の島線南林間駅西口 正面徒歩0分
田園都市線中央林間駅 より1駅
大矢酒店 横の階段を地下へ。



Ghana-based design studio KAYOBI has just released a thought-provoking and insightful collection commemorating African leaders and visionaries called TRUE.

KAYOBI Creative Director, Kwabena O. Boateng explains, “we believe the standard of African leadership today leaves much to be desired and hence we have created an African Heroes collection to remind everyone what true heroes look like. We decided to cover the eyes of the heroes and replace in with inspiring words as a nod to pop art and most importantly as a reverse critique of some of Africa’s current leadership who lead blindly”.

Miriam Makeba is True Activist Mama Africa 

Nelson Mandela is True Revolutionary

Kwame Nkrumah is True Visionary








VIDEO – Black Fashion Week Montreal

Press Conference


Black Fashion Week Montreal Overview (In French)


Black Fashion Week Montreal – Runway Shows

Join us at Eglise Saint Jean-Baptiste for spectacular runway fashion at Black Fashion Week Montreal. The goal of this fashion event is to highlight innovation, creativity and trends stemming from Africa and its Diaspora. The event will be presented in 3 parts – tonight and tomorrow night – JUST Fashion (prêt à porter), ONLY Men (prêt à porter) and LIMITED Edition (couture).

Tickets are on sale now at Reseau Admission TicketMaster and other ticket outlets around Montreal for $25 per day.

Address: 309 rue Rachel Est Montréal, Québec, Canada H2W 2K7

Thursday May 16th

6:30 PM
MUSIC by Nicole Musoni

7:00 PM
JUST FASHION – Adama Paris

7:20 PM
JUST FASHION & ONLY MEN – Yves Jean Lacasse

7:40 PM

8:00 PM
ONLY MEN – Au Noir

8:20 PM

Music by DJ Debby Rose

Friday, May 17th

6:30 PM

6:50 PM
LIMITED EDITION – Creations Youd

7:10 PM
JUST FASHION – Ericka Jean

7:30 PM

7:50 PM

8:10 PM

Music by DJ Debby Rose


Black Fashion Week Montreal 2013

Black Fashion Week Montreal is bringing together major fashion labels and designers from around the African Diapsora, with multiculturalism being the highlight. From May 15th to 17th, 2013, Eglise St. Jean-Baptiste will welcome local and international designers.

A VIP cocktail party opens Black Fashion Week Montreal on May 15th (no runway shows). Adama Paris, Au Noir, Claudette Floyd, Créations Youd, Diana Gadie, Elie Kuame, Emilia Torabi, Ericka Jean, Helmer Joseph, Luxyria, Samuel Dong & Yves Jean Lacasse are presenting their latest runway collections on May 16th and 17th.


Rwandan soul singer Nicole Musoni will perform at the VIP cocktail party. On May 16th and 17th, DJ Debby Rose will be spinning an eclectic mix of trans-African vibes. Bring your friends and shop the collections too.

Tickets are on sale now at Reseau Admission TicketMaster and other ticket outlets around Montreal for $25 per day.

For more information check out last week’s blog post, here.



日付: 5月15日 (水) ~ 5月17日 (金)

時間: 18:00 ~

場所: ジャンバプチスト教会

アクセス: 309 rue Rachel Est モントリオール、ケベック、カナダ H2W 2K7 地図

AFRICAN CONNECTION トリニダードトバゴとコンゴ出身の音楽家


公演日 : 5月4日(土)
時間: Doors open: 18:30 Show starts: 19:30 until ~
金額: In advance 2500円 At the door: 3000円
場所 : Blues Ette (白楽)東横線 白楽駅西口 コミュニティプラザビル2F
〒221-0065 横浜市神奈川区白楽100-5 Map
電話 +81-45-717-7139

Tony Guppy: Steel Pan
Ngongo Tabu: Percussion Sax & Vocals
J.P. Sensey: Guitar & Vocals



Take a ride out to beautiful Yokohama and come enjoy a soulful fusion of Africa and the Caribbean!

Japan-based Trinidadian steel pannist Tony Guppy is performing live at Blues Ette club in Hakuraku, Yokohama on Saturday, May 4th. On percussion, saxophone and vocals is Ngongo Tabu and on guitar and vocals is J.P. Sensey. Both artists hail from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and are also based in Japan.


SHOW: 7:30 PM until ~

ADMISSION: 2,500 JPY in advance & 3,000 JPY at the door

Blues Ette Map 

Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ku, Hakuraku 100-5, コミュニティプラザビル2F 〒221-0065

Telephone: +81-45-717-7139 (In Japanese)


Nadia Dafri – Designer

A Nadia Dafri neck piece is a thing to treasure; with its sensual mix of African Ankara fabrics and vintage glass beads delicately handmade to create objects with their own soul.

Nadia Dafri was born and raised in France to an Italian mother and an Algerian father. She had always loved fashion and during her teens she worked as a seamstress. Later she decided to pursue her childhood dreams of becoming a teacher. When teaching couldn’t bring her satisfaction she focused on design.

Nadia Dafri pieces personify the multi-ethnic world around us and are made for the woman who loves colour and well-crafted, sculpted jewelry.


Images courtesy Nadia Dafri

DJ Satelite – Luanda No Horizonte Vol. 3

AKWAABA Music and Angola’s DJ Satelite have answered our musical prayers with their latest Afro House/ Afro Beat installment of pure ecstasy! Take a listen below!

01 – Ningana (DJ Satelite Remix) – DJ Dorivaldo Mix feat Dr Tchubi & Pé Quente
02 – Jingasnas – Homeboyz Muzik
03 – Nje Nje (Heavi K Remix) – DJ Choice
04 – Bukalanga (Vocal Mix) – DJ Oats feat Konkrete
05 – Sodat Aza Na Kati (Instrumental Mix) – G’Sparks feat Da Costa
06 – Tala Bango Baza – DJ Silyvi feat Rodjess
07 – Tokita Nango (Nacé) – DJ Dorivaldo Mix feat Os Kao Bios
08 – Nankoumandjan (Instrumental Mix) – Boddhi Satva
09 – He Lives In You (Afro DJ Pupo’s Ancestral Walk Remix)
10 – Molanduka – Black Motion feat Celimpilo
11 – Ma Ndebele – Black Motion feat Candy
12 – Dj Satelite feat Aylo – U Played Me (Original Mix)
13 – Intliziyo – Black Motion feat. Bucie & Damor
14 – Respect Me (Black Coffee Original Mix) – Bucie
15 – Rock My World (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix) – Black Coffee feat Soulstar
16 – DJ Satelite Feat Jackie Queens – Fire (Original Mix)

ROOTI Dolls アフリカ人形


Most dolls on the market are made with one black skin tone which does not properly represent the range of Africans’ colours, according to ROOTI Dolls founders Chris and Ada Ngoforo. They wanted to find a solution to the growing issue of African children around the Diaspora and on the continent not being aware of their mother tongue. ROOTI Dolls expose children to their mother tongue and culture at an early stage and help promote a “positive self-image”, says Mr. Ngoforo.

There are 12 African ROOTI Dolls from different African countries. The Keza Girl ROOTI Doll represents Zambia and Zimbabwe and speaks 4 major languages (Shona, Ndebele, Bemba and Nyanja) from those countries. There is also a range of Caribbean ROOTI Dolls that will speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.


Images courtesy of ROOTI Dolls

#ÑUULKUKK – Darker Than Black…And Proud

Skin-bleaching (skin-whitening, skin-lightening, fade cream, bleaching cream, whitener, brightener) products are harmful chemicals used in many countries to attain paler or whiter skin. First of all, let me make it clear that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having white skin. The question is, what happens when people of darker hues believe that the skin they were born in is not worthy? That the only way to be accepted in society is to have lighter skin? Or that darker skin is dirty, disgusting, ugly or wrong?

Ñuul Kukk is a movement started in Senegal with the intention of promoting acceptance of black skin and eliminating the use and marketing of skin-whitening substances. They promote self-love and self-acceptance. Ñuul Kukk can be roughly translated from its original Wolof to ‘pitch black’ in English.

Visit Ñuul Kukk