TRIBE 2016 | The Forbidden | Costumes

TRIBE Carnival launched The Forbidden for Trinidad Carnival 2016 last night, July 18th, in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Click the image below to view the costumes.



All photos courtesy TRIBE and Laura Ferreira

Passion Carnival 2015 Costumes

Carnival Band: Passion Carnival

2015 Costume Theme: Neverland

All images courtesy

Bliss Carnival 2015 Costumes

Trinidad Carnival Band: Bliss Carnival

2015 Costume Theme: Blue



All images courtesy of Bliss Carnival


Tribe Carnival 2015 Costumes

Trinidad Carnival Band: Tribe Carnival

2015 Costume Theme: Wings Of Desire




All images courtesy Tribe Carnival


Ronnie & Caro Mas Band


Ronnie & Caro has been my mas (Carnival) band of choice since 2010. Friendly service, tight security, gift bag, excellent food (breakfast, lunch, snacks) on the road, unlimited alcohol/soft drinks on Carnival Monday and Tuesday make the Ronnie & Caro experience one you’ll want to return to year after year. Best of all, real fetein and sweatin on de road PLUS gorgeous costumes that make your inner diva shine through!! What more could you want?

In October 2010, I had the great pleasure of meeting legendary Soca artiste Ronnie McIntosh (Ronnie & Caro‘s band leader) in Tokyo, Japan when he accepted my invitation to have his first international band launch in Asia. Check out the photo gallery to see how the costumes (designed by his talented wife Caro McIntosh) and authentic Trinidad Carnival flavour wowed the crowd.

Watch the videos below to catch a glimpse of how much fun Carnival Monday and Tuesday are on de road with Ronnie & Caro.



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このトリニダード・トバゴカーニバルツアーに含まれていますRonnie & Caro Carnival衣装。


“For those of you who have never played mas with Ronnie & Caro… This band prides itself on not only beautifully made costumes but also dedicated organisation and customer satisfaction. Not only must you be pleased with your costume, you must feel at 10:00 pm on Carnival Tuesday night like you have been liming (hanging out) with your family for the last two days.

That is why Ronnie & Caro Mas Band is so special! DE RIVER COME DOWN…get ready to fall in de river!”

– Big Pappy Soca Prince


Utopia Mas Carnival Teaser

Utopia Mas introduces Goddesses, Gods and Their Dominions as their 2014 theme. Check out the teasers below and stay tuned to Carifrique for Utopia Mas band launch photos.






Images courtesy Utopia Mas