ROOTI Dolls アフリカ人形


Most dolls on the market are made with one black skin tone which does not properly represent the range of Africans’ colours, according to ROOTI Dolls founders Chris and Ada Ngoforo. They wanted to find a solution to the growing issue of African children around the Diaspora and on the continent not being aware of their mother tongue. ROOTI Dolls expose children to their mother tongue and culture at an early stage and help promote a “positive self-image”, says Mr. Ngoforo.

There are 12 African ROOTI Dolls from different African countries. The Keza Girl ROOTI Doll represents Zambia and Zimbabwe and speaks 4 major languages (Shona, Ndebele, Bemba and Nyanja) from those countries. There is also a range of Caribbean ROOTI Dolls that will speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.


Images courtesy of ROOTI Dolls