Utopia Mas Costumes 2014

Utopia Mas present Goddesses, Gods and Their Dominions as their theme for Trinidad Carnival 2014.

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このトリニダード・トバゴカーニバルツアーに含まれていますUtopia Mas衣装。



Utopia Mas Carnival Costumes 2014

Utopia Masの2014年カーニバル衣装

Ixcacao: Mayan Goddess of cocoa harvest

Isis: Egyptian Goddess of Motherhood

Ishtar: Mesopotamian Goddess of Passion, love and sensuality

Freya: Norse Goddess of Fertility and Marriage

Amaterasu: Japanese Goddess of the Sun

Athena: Greek Goddess of Divine Wisdom

Morrigan: Celtic Goddess of War

Utopia Mas Carnival Costumes 2014

Utopia Masの2014年カーニバル衣装


Images courtesy Utopia Mas