“Gravitation” by N.L. Armitage

N.L. Armitage‘s debut novel Gravitation is a romance with a twist!

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What happens when the red string of fate becomes a noose?

Nariya Valentine is a young woman in love.

Unfortunately, the man she loves has a dark secret that will stretch the
precarious bond between them and challenge the very idea of what it means
to love. The truth of his secret comes in the form of a man, a former
friend who, in reality, is worse than an enemy. A man with deadly secrets
of his own. Cold, cruel, and dangerously handsome, Darcia Moon will take
Nariya to a world where love exists on the border of insanity, and force
them on a twisted emotional journey that will threaten to destroy them all.

A twisted love story over nine years in the making, Gravitation answers the
question of what can happen when an unstoppable force erodes an immovable
object. As the saying goes, you cannot help whom you love. That is
especially true when you are forced to fight it all the way.

For to love is to suffer.