Nomadness In An RV!

Evita Robinson, creator behind the Nomadness Travel Tribe (Nomadness LLC) and self-professed ‘broke college student to broke world traveler’, along with her entourage of suave urban travelers just successfully finished a three-week, RV road trip across the United States. They spoke at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) from New York City to Los Angeles.

Sponsored by and YRB Magazine, the RV Tour proved to be a success in spreading word about the Tribe and executing its workshop on using travel as a vehicle to break down stereotypes.

Evita says, “I created the RV Tour for two reasons – to see the United States, as we’re always traveling outside of it, and to get this message out to students. I chose HBCUs for the first RV Tour for one reason – no one else is thinking about them in this capacity. Therefore, it became my dedication to get this in front of them, in a way that grabs their attention.”

Check out the RV Tour photos on Instagram: #NomadnessRV