#ÑUULKUKK – Darker Than Black…And Proud

Skin-bleaching (skin-whitening, skin-lightening, fade cream, bleaching cream, whitener, brightener) products are harmful chemicals used in many countries to attain paler or whiter skin. First of all, let me make it clear that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having white skin. The question is, what happens when people of darker hues believe that the skin they were born in is not worthy? That the only way to be accepted in society is to have lighter skin? Or that darker skin is dirty, disgusting, ugly or wrong?

Ñuul Kukk is a movement started in Senegal with the intention of promoting acceptance of black skin and eliminating the use and marketing of skin-whitening substances. They promote self-love and self-acceptance. Ñuul Kukk can be roughly translated from its original Wolof to ‘pitch black’ in English.

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