Trinidad Carnival 2015 Ronnie & Caro

Carifrique was on de road at Trinidad Carnival 2015 to capture the beautiful Ronnie and Caro Mas Band masqueraders on Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday!

Photographs by Jason Bodden for Carifrique

Ronnie & Caro Boat Cruise

Join Trinidad Carnival’s favourite Large Band – Ronnie and Caro – as they fete the afternoon away on a fun-filled cooler boat cruise. ‘Ah Come Back Home’ is the theme of Ronnie and Caro‘s 2015 Trinidad Carnival band. Fill up your cooler with your preferred drinks and hop on the boat.

Jahmoun, Dangerous Robin, Ezel, John Boy, Element, Fro and DJ Kevin will be spinning the hottest Soca tunes on Sunday, July 27, 2014. Boarding from Water Taxi Terminal in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Admission is $200 TTD.


Ronnie & Caro Mas Band Carnival Tuesday 2013

(English follows Japanese)

バンド名: ロニー&カロ [Ronnie & Caro]

セクション出現: カレーカスカドゥラ [Curry Cascadura], 東インド人 [East Indians], 咲いた [Bloom], 塩 [Salt], グレイトハウス [Ladies & Gentlemen of the Great House], パラキート [Parakeet], コンゴウインコ [Macaw], アフリカン [Africans] and プランテーション [Plantation]



場所:クイーンズパークサバンナ [Queen’s Park Savannah]、トリニダード

Band: Ronnie & Caro The Mas Band

Sections (in order of appearance): Curry Cascadura, East Indians, Bloom, Salt, Ladies & Gentlemen of the Great House, Parakeet, Macaw, Africans and Plantation.

Mystery Of The Cascadura theme explained

Date: Carnival Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Place: Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad