Tobago Fashion Weekend 2013 トバゴ・ファッション・ウィークエンド


Image courtesy Christian Boucaud Designs

Tobago Fashion Weekend has always been proud to support our Designer community at large, and welcomes with open arms the visions of our talented industry members, whose primary focus is to showcase their craft to the world!

We are pleased to be now accepting ALL applications for Designers throughout the Caribbean to showcase their collections at this year’s events on May 17th – 19th! Please visit our website at and fill out the application form.

All questions regarding Designer Applications can be directed to

Our region is laden with talent and promise – it’s time to show the world what YOU are made of!

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トバゴ・ファッション・ウィークエンド[Tobago Fashion Weekend]は、5月17日から5月19日までにカリブ海のトバゴ島で起こっています。