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National Carnival Bands Association Trinidad and Tobago


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USTREAM – Carnival 2015



Starts at 12:30 PM AST




Fantastic Friday 2015 Order of Appearance

Digicel Groovy Soca Monarch appearance on Fantastic Friday 2015 (February 13, 2015)

1: Wildcard artiste (TBA on Monday, February 9)
2: Chow Chow
3: Erphaan Alves
4: Chucky
5: Blaxx
6: Skinny Fabulous
7: Destra
8: Nadia Batson
9: Farmer Nappy
10: Ricardo Drue
11: Benjai
12: Lyrikal
13: Leadpipe + Saddis
14: Fadda Fox
15: Olatunji

Lotto Plus Power Soca Monarch appearance on Fantastic Friday 2015 (February 13, 2015)

1: Shurwayne
2: Shal Marshal + Squeezehead
3: KI
4: Patrice
5: Mr Killa
6: Granny
7: Snakey
8: Iwer
9: Machel
10: Blaxx
11: Kernal

International Soca Monarch 2015 Semi-Finalists

Digicel International Groovy Soca Monarch:

1 Destra
2 Leadpipe & Saddis
3 Fadda Fox
4 Fireman Hooper
5 Shal Marshall
6 Blackie
7 Crazy
8 Lil Bitts
9 Kerlz
10 Young Voice
11 Umi and Makamillion
12 Preedy
13 Lyrikal
14 Tim Tim
15 Saucy
16 Sasha
17 Jahmoun
18 Orlando Octave
19 Benjai
20 Chow Chow
21 Ola
22 Ravi B
23 Darnella
24 Nadia
25 Iwer
26 Zan
27 Kitch
28 Shurwayne
29 Erphaan
30 Skinny Fabulous
31 Dev
32 Farmer Nappy
33 Blaxx
34 Tallpree
35 Jo Jo
36 Faith Antoine
37 Biggie Irie
38 Sekon Sta
39 Menace (M1)
40 J Angel
41 Patrice Roberts
42 Chucky
43 Patch
44 Oscor B
45 5 Star Akil
46 Syo
47 Ricardo Drue

Lotto Plus International Power Soca Monarch:

2 Shal Marshall
3 Preedy
4 Patrice Roberts
6 Sekon Sta
7 Saucy
8 Fireman Hooper
9 Erphaan Alves
10 Mr. Killa
11 Andrew Hitz Phillip
12 J Angel
13 Shurwayne
14 Skinny Fabulous
15 K.I
16 Snakey
17 Iwer King George
18 Ann G/ Myron B
19 Destra
20 Pelf
21 Kitch
22 Blaxx
23 Jaiga
24 Prophet Benjamin
25 Jelani
26 Swappi
27 Skinny Banton
28 Ricardo Drue
29 Fya Empress
30 Granny
31 Luni Spark & Electrify
32 Eddie Charles
33 Squeezy Rankin
34 Super Blue
35 CJ & Ronnie
36 Devon Matthews
37 Nadia Batson

Tribe Riddim – Various Artists [Soca 2015]

Can you feel it? The splendid chaos spinning ever closer, swallowing inhibitions and ceding fevered permission to revelers, calling them to succumb and finally take flight on the Wings Of Desire.

TRIBE Carnival in collaboration with Precision Productions have come together to craft yet another first for this yearly festival. They are giving masqueraders the unmatched experience and luxe indulgence of soaring through the city and letting their sultry side free, evoking envy, lust, and more than one blush, as they proudly tempt and charm in a swirling vortex of glamorous plumage to their very own TRIBE Riddim.

In order to steer such a momentous milestone between music and mas, Road March specialists capable of boosting power levels sky-high were convened.

Skinny Fabulous starts the musical whirlwind off with his proclamation that for this season there is No Other Way but to blow fetes into oblivion. A sentiment appreciated by Patrice Roberts who is out to cause Trouble from the instant she sweeps onto the stage. Meanwhile Machel Montano, the Monk Monté, zooms in to survey the scene, ready, willing, and able to bodily blast any female who as he says, Watching Meh. With all this excitement raging in the air Iwer George delivers his most direct message yet, which is to forget everything else and just Play D Mas.

Team Precision’s tempestuous rhythm serves as the dizzying force that will definitely lift heavy legs and recharge fading bodies throughout this parade of unbridled majesty.

Unquestionably, only the combination of these two trailblazing brands, TRIBE and Precision Productions, could ever deliver this heavenly union of sights and sounds generated purely from the life and energy to be found in Carnival 2015.

Skinny Fabulous – No Other Way
Performed by Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle
Written by Gamal Doyle

Patrice Roberts – Trouble
Performed by Patrice Roberts
Written by Teddon “Teddon Rhymez” Mark & Patrice Roberts
Additional Vocals by Teddon Mark

Machel Montano – Watching Meh
Performed by Machel Montano
Written by Full Blown Entertainment & Machel Montano
Additional Vocals by Roger George

Iwer George – Play D Mas
Performed by Neil Iwer George
Written by Mical Williams & Neil George
Additional Vocals by Mical Williams

All Songs Co-Written by Kasey Phillips
Produced & Mixed by Precision Productions
Mastered by Keron “Scratch Master” Hector

(Precision Productions PR)

Patrol Riddim Mix [Soca 2015]

Carnival 2K15 just shifted into super overdrive with the official release of the Patrol Riddim. Produced by the multi talented Don Iko and Martian Music, the Patrol Riddim features some of the industry’s top entertainers; Machel Montano HD, Nadia Batson, Farmer Nappy, Alison Hinds and Patrice Roberts.

Machel Montano HD fuels the riddim with “Pop Ah Bottle” as he invites partygoers to celebrate with their friends and live life to the fullest! He thanks his dedicated and loyal fans who continue to support him on his journey! “Leh we Pop Ah Bottle” says the Monk Monté.

We all know that feters enjoy packing their own coolers with drinks and ice, so everyone will revel in Nadia Batson’s overly infectious, anticipated anthem “Cooler Fete”.

Farmer Nappy is being tempted by the sheer sexiness and Caribbean feminine seduction of Alison Hinds. He is insisting that her bumper will surely get him “In Trouble”.

Patrice Roberts says that at Carnival time, we will be roaming through the streets and “Lookin For It”!! We need to be in every fete and every lime because it is a part of we!

The Patrol Riddim is the second riddim to be released by producer Don Iko / Martian Music for Carnival 2k15.

Written by Latia Drakes


Machel Montano – Pop Ah Bottle

Written by: Nadia Batson, Machel Montano and Erikkson George

Nadia Batson – Cooler Fete

Written by: Nadia Batson and Erikkson George

Farmer Nappy Feat. Alison Hinds – In Trouble

Written by Nadia Batson, Daryl Henry, Alison Hinds and Erikkson George

Patrice Roberts – Looking For It

Written by Nadia Batson, Patrice Roberts and Erikkson George

Produced by: Don Iko / Martian Music

Additional Production by: Precision Productions

Mixed by: Cole Nystrom

Mastered by: Alex DeYoung

@doniko_george @patriceroberts1 @nadiabatson @sassnation @machelmontano @boomchampionstt @triniaba

Bunji Garlin & Fay-Ann Lyons – Doh Fraid [Soca 2015]

2015 Soca Mix Part 1

Over an hour of the hottest Soca music for Trinidad Carnival 2015 by Road Ready Mix!

0:00 Fay Ann Lyons & Bunji Garlin — Doh Fraid
2:32 Nadia Batson — Sun Come Up — Day Fete Riddim
4:15 Destra — Lucky — Day Fete Riddim
5:58 Lyrical — DEY IN IT — Day Fete Riddim
8:23 Farmer Nappy — Doh Remember — Day Fete Riddim
11:02 K Rich — I DOH CARE (IDC) — Vibezy Riddim
13:01 Patrice Roberts — COLOURS — Vibezy Riddim
16:05 Ravi B — Flowing — Vibezy Riddim
18:30 Destra — In The Band — Vibezy Riddim
20:01 Benjai feat H2O Phlo — Phenominal — Kan Kan Riddim
21:43 Sekon Sta — The Best — Kan Kan Riddim
22:50 Darrnella — Out On De Road — Kan Kan Riddim
23:37 Olatunji — Ola — Kan Kan Riddim
25:50 FLIPO — Her Love — Kan Kan Riddim
27:01 Shal Marshal — MOTIVATION
28:43 Syo — Bus Stop
30:11 Orlando Octane — OH NA NA
32:00 Rome — One Wine
33:05 Shurwayne Winchester — WE PUMPIN’
34:55 5Star Akil & Lyrikal — Untamed
37:36 T Rock Again — WE Lifestyle (Feeling Good)
38:35 Fya Empress — MOTION SWEETNESS — Sugar Pot Riddim
40:14 Derrick Seales — More Rum — Sugar Pot Riddim
41:25 Christian Ramirez — All Night
42:50 Buffy — Ban Meh
45:22 K Rich — Come Over — Ignition Riddim
46:16 Destra — Breath — Ignition Riddim
47:00 Flipo — Sweat — Ignition Riddim
47:50 Preedy — Dreaming — Ignition Riddim
48:45 Ronnie Homer — By Far
49:49 Blaxx & Andrew Phillip — We Not Going Home (Homeless)
50:56 SallyXtreme — Celebrate
52:32 Skinny Fabulous — Going Off
54:18 Lil Bitts — Burning Up
56:23 Nessa Preppy feat. Orlando Octave — Nobody Like You
59:24 Sienna — Try Stop Meh
1:00:34 Farmer Nappy — LOOSEN DE CHAIN
1:02:17 Bunji Garlin — Brace
1:03;11 Blackie — Ram Jam
1:04:43 Umi Marcano — Wuk It Up
1:06:04 Erphaan Alves — Balance — Flash Drive Riddim
1:07:31 Shal Marshal — Wild Out — Flash Drive Riddim
1:09:21 Cassi — MADNESS
1:10:53 Farmer Nappy — Aroused
1:13:00 Bunji Garlin — Bad Mind (Bad Heart) — Town Thing Riddim
1:14:15 Skinny Fabulous — No Control — Town Thing Riddim

[Soca 2015] Jungle Book Riddim feat. @BunjiGarlin @Erphaan @BenjaiSwankie

[Soca 2015] Erphaan Alves – Tanty