‘The Trini Vagrant’ – Joke 『トリニダードの非人』ジョーク

Every morning John would drive by Wrightson Road and every morning he would stop and give the resident vagrant $10.00.
After a while John started to give the beggar $7.00.
The vagrant noticing that his money has been reduced was not too pleased, but said nothing.

John then dropped to $5.00.
The vagrant noticing this further decrease became noticeably upset and decided to speak to John about it.

He stopped John one morning after accepting the $5.00 and said, 

“Wah happenin’ man? Yuh use to give me $10.00, den yuh cut it down to $7.00, now is $5.00 whuh goin’ orn?”

John replied, 

“Boy, times get hard. Meh eldest boy just start university and meh daughter now in high school…so yuh know how it is”.

The now irate vagrant asked in a tone of disbelief, 

“So wait nah…yuh mean to tell me that is outta my money yuh sending your chirren to school”?