Trinidad Carnival Calypso Monarch トリニダード カーニカバル カリプソ モナーク

In yesterday’s post I wrote about the Soca Monarch competition and today I’d like to give you some information about the music that is the prelude to Soca music. Calypso is a very popular Trinidadian-based style that has been recorded since the early 1900s. Kaiso, as it’s affectionately called, was also used as a social commentary that enabled politicians and the public to debate controversial topics that affected Trinidadian citizens.
Chalkdust who is one of the most popular Calypsonians was the winner of the Calypso Monarch 2009 competition on Dimanche Gras (the Sunday before Carnival Monday & Tuesday). He is tied with the Mighty Sparrow in winning the most Calypso Monarch titles.
The KING of Calypso is Lord Kitchener and one of my favourite songs is Sugar Bum Bum. ロード キチナー の歌を聞いてください:
Here is Chalkdust’s 2009 winning performance of My Heart & I (part 1). As you can see it’s more of a storytelling style than Soca. He’s making references to the wicked Trinidadian politicians!!チャークダーストのカリプソパフォーマンスを見てください:

Here is one of the Mighty Sparrow’s most famous tunes, Jean & Dinah, from 1956 which talks about the problem of women selling themselves to American servicemen who lived on the military bases in Trinidad after World War 2. スパーローの歌を聞いてください: