Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2012 Photo Gallery

They are here! The beautiful people of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2012! 
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(Bands: Legacy, Ronnie & Caro)
(Bands: Ronnie & Caro, Waka People)
(Bands: Rosalind Gabriel & Village Productions, D’Krewe)
(Bands: D’Harvard, Pulse 8)
(Bands: Authenic Indian, Showtime, Sound Specialists of Laventille)
(Bands: Tribal Connection Cultural Promotion, Just Friends, Veni & Friends)
(Bands: Harts, Tribe, Wee International, Yuma)
(Bands: Yuma, Trini Revellers, Babylon Plastic, Jessie The Bear, Spice)
(Bands: Spice, Genesis, Renegades, Island People, Rhapsody, Viva Brazil, Splash, Legacy, Trinidad All Star’s, Ronnie & Caro)