Calypso Monarch 2010 Kurt Allen & Calypso Fete カリプソモナーク2010年とカリプソフェット

Calypso music is one of Trinidad & Tobago’s finest exports. These days Calypso tends to get overshadowed by the faster, upbeat Soca but it’s an important part of our culture and history. The best Calypsonians are able to combine rhythym, story-telling and political views with ease.

Kurt Allen won the Calypso Monarch 2010 title for his song Too Bright which sarcastically talks about the ‘brightest’ politicians who can’t seem to run TT properly. Dressed as a vagrant (homeless person) he emphasizes his point well throughout the song.

The Calypso Monarch fete is held on Dimanche Gras (Carnival Sunday) every year. 

On Carnival Friday, we decided to go to a quieter Calypso Fete at Under The TREES at The Normandie Hotel in Port-of-Spain. このカリプソフェットは楽しかった。レラクッスした!2011年に行きませんか。